Customer Retention Email Marketing

  • Is your business stuck with average results?
  • Are you ready to break the mold, and watch your monthly revenue rise?
  • Is it time for your business to reach its true potential?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Customer Retention Email Marketing could be your answer.

This is a bespoke service tailored to suit your business and aims.

Service Description

We take the stress and questions out of customer retention email marketing, going above and beyond competitors with our wide variety of email campaigns helping you maximize your profits and experience results that you never thought possible.There are many different phases of the consumer lifecycle, and so it is vital that you have email campaigns to engage them all along their journey.

With you, we develop relevant content sent specifically for both potential and existing customers and send them exactly when it is most effective.
As a minimum our aim should be to add more than 15% to your revenue with smarter, more relevant emails that utilize automated campaigns, targeting unique customer behavior and delivering highly converting email sequences.

customer retention email


One or more of the following.

  • ABANDONED CART CAMPAIGN - This is a series of emails sent to potential buyers who have placed items in their cart, but have not made a purchase. These emails are incredibly valuable. Customers are just one step away from making a purchase. We engage customers at vital times proven for maximum conversions
  • WIN-BACK CAMPAIGN - This campaign is specifically designed to reach out to customers who have not made any return purchases in, for example, 60 days. This email sequence utilizes the bonds created through earlier emails and encourages customers to make new purchases. It is for this exact reason that we are constantly reaching out and developing a relationship with your customers. This email sequence takes advantage of the bond your customer has with your business and is an essential part of any email marketing campaign.
  • BROWSE ABANDONMENT CAMPAIGN - Some people will venture onto your page from an email we have sent. If they leave the page without purchasing we send a further bringing the potential purchaser back onto the page to complete the purchase, earning you more money!
  • POP-UP CAMPAIGN - triggers when a client enters one of your email lists.
  • LEAD-GEN CAMPAIGN - This is an email campaign where we reach out to potential customers based on captured leads from a lead generation system. We engage potential buyers to turn them into regular customers. This type of campaign is essential to acquiring new customers. It is designed to target initial interest and convert into paying customers.

Details of your business so we can develop a full understanding of your buying sequence and customers.
Your email lists.


  • How much does this service cost?
    This service is closely tailored to your business and so we cannot give a fixed price. The first thing we need to do is develop an understanding of your business so that we can provide an offer that creates a meaning ROI for you. If possible we devise payment as a percentage of the profit increase you experience from our service. Alternatively, we can agree a fixed monthly cost.
  • How can I trust you with my list?
    This is what we do. We create a Google Drive Account (or similar) and upload the content/promotions before we ask for your email lists. We will send you links to each email so you can check the content and make any revisions you want. Also, we have your email lists and have created the actual customer retention emails we will send you a preview and you can double, check before giving the go-ahead, so there's absolutely no risk to you really!
  • Why not use my Auto-responder?
    Most auto-responders do not do what we need. We use Market Hero because it is the only one that provides the in-depth metrics we require.
  • How will you access my list?
    It’s pretty simple, once you have provided us access, some auto-responders will pull the information automatically, so we don’t need to do anything, just sign in, integrate the list and get to work. Other auto-responders require us to export your emails lists as a CSV, which is simple and only takes a minute or two. These lists are dropped into our auto-responder and we get to work. Either way super simple & completely hands off for you.
  • Why is it a monthly service?
    Email marketing is always and forever RAPIDLY evolving, new strategies, new laws & better ways to do things. We will stay on top of that for you. We focus on optimising & maximising the automation we set up and we sending regular emails for you so that your lists remain HEALTHY and ENGAGED. This is key as no matter the size of your list it’s about how ENGAGED your list is.
  • Why do I need this? I have my own auto-responder and I can do it myself.
    Yes, of course, you can do it yourself, everyone can do everything themselves, the question is how well can you do it? And yes, Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Market Hero are all much the same thing, some are just better than other ane we prefer Market Hero as we know how to get much better results vs other auto-responders. They are all great we just know Market Hero is better!
    You can do it yourself, but do you really have the time to be emailing 3-4 times per week and at the same time growing your business?
    As a business person myself I was told to learn the top 3 things that I do that makes my company money. Then I was told to narrow it to the top 2 and then finally what thing that I do better than anyone else, that makes me money and grows my business. If you are asked the same questions would your final answer be email marketing?
    Of course not, so let us handle your email for you so you can focus on the one thing you do that makes you money and we will focus on the one thing we do to make you more money?
    Doing this week in week out requires time and focus you could end up losing money because you are not doing WHAT MAKES YOU MONEY, and neither of us wants that!
  • Do I have to use all the different campaigns offered in this service? No, providing the part solution you require is cost effective for both you and us.


Service Reference: Retention Email


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