Data Entry Specialist

Hire a data entry specialist for Google Docs, Excel, to copy and paste work and record information.

Service Description

data entry outsourcing


Outsource your routine data entry work to one of our specialists.

Update Google Docs
Hire a data entry freelancer to keep Google docs updated with information you need to run your business at a high level.

Record Information
Hire a data entry freelancer to record information on a daily or weekly basis. Information important to running your business.

Copy And Paste Tasks
Have any tasks that are repetitive and require a lot of copy and pasting? Hire a data entry freelancer to handle it for you.

Take Meeting Notes
Hire a data entry freelancer to record notes from your meetings so that you have it for future reference.

Perform Miscellaneous Assistant Tasks
Mini-tasks always come up and it can be helpful to have a data entry freelancer on your team to handle them for you.


$4 to $6 per Hour



Service Reference: Data Entry

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