Hire An Ebay Mid Level Expert

Hire an Ebay mid-level expert for the following advanced level tasks. Product listing, keyword research, bulk uploads and templates, title optimization and account management.

Service Description

outsource ebay tasks

All eBay Mid Level Skills

  • List New Products
    Hire an eBay mid-level worker to list new products to your eBay store making sure that all specs are filled out for optimal views and conversions.
  • Manage Returns And Refunds
    Have an eBay worker handle all returns and refunds for your eBay store without needing much training. They will help to improve your processes at a higher level.
  • Manage And Fulfill Orders
    Hire an eBay mid-level worker who has years of experience fulfilling orders on eBay to manage the orders for your online store.
  • Answer Customer Service Inquiries
    Have an eBay specialist handle all customer service inquiries for your eBay business. They can answer all emails and phone calls you receive.
  • Manage eBay Customer Cases
    Hire an eBay mid-level worker who has experience handling customer cases on eBay. You want the right person handling this for you as it is important to the health of your eBay account.


$8 to $35 per Hour


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All Skills Available in 3 Levels of Expertise

Perfect for all levels of projects within your business.

Choose between three levels of workers to meet your budget, need of expertise, and preference for onboarding. Each level of worker has a purpose for building a business and can help take tasks off your plate.

Lower / Basic Level Workers

  • Quick learning, some onboarding required.
  • Non-US workers with skill set experience.
  •  Perfect for clients with systems and processes in place and seeking workers to help in maintaining key operations.
  •  Some level of onboarding is recommended.

Mid Level Workers

  • Advanced experience, performers.
  • Specialized performers.
  • Example: A Mid-level worker is experienced at listing on Amazon, but may not be able to run the entire account.
  • A higher level of experience and do not require onboarding in skill set.

Expert Level Workers

  • High-level consultants
  • The highest level of talent.
  • First 1 to 2 hours billed are for discovery phase and creating a proposed action plan.
  • When game plan approved, expert begins to take action.
  • Act as a project manager to build a team of low and mid-level workers.

How the Pricing Works

  • You are provided a pre-vetted worker at an hourly rate
  • The worker provides you with estimates on all projects.
  • You decide on hourly estimates for the project with the worker. Workers in the marketplace know only to bill the hours approved by their clients. If workers need additional time to complete particular tasks, they will reach out to explain and get your approval before moving forward.
  • You pay for worker's hours billed every Thursday.
  • You can view worker's hours directly in your FreeeUp account. On every Thursday, you will be billed for the previous week's billing period. All billing periods run from Wednesday through Tuesday of each week. You have the option to pay using ACH, credit card, or PayPal.

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