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Harvest sites gather buyer traffic from Google searches that most SEO companies don’t bother with either because they do not know how to do this work or do not have access to the automation needed.

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If you are new to Search Marketing you may never have heard of long tail search terms but they are very important. Long tail search terms or keywords are those three, four or more keyword phrases which are very, very specific to your niche or market. Whenever someone uses a highly specific search phrase, they tend to be looking for exactly what they want or need.

Other important aspects of long tail search phrases are

  • that there is, often, little or no competition
  • the long tail pages rank quickly (under two weeks) in the search engines with no or few additional backlinks.
  • the Long Tail Harvest Sites are independent of your money or main-site and therefore if your main site gets a penalty and drops out of the search engines you still have traffic.

There are millions if not billions of untapped long tail search terms, many with strong buyer intent. Google has recently stated that 15% of search terms used every day have never been seen before. This adds up to 800 million never before used search terms added DAILY in Google.

Traditional SEO marketers target a few search terms in a niche or market that have high traffic and high competition, meaning that ranking on the first page of Google for these terms can be expensive and take many months. On the other hand, Long Tail Harvest Sites target tens of thousands of long-tail search terms in a niche or market, which can be quick and easy to rank in the search engines.

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The challenge with the long tail SEO technique is constructing websites that are able to capture traffic generated by long tail search phrases. We need to be able to create thousands of index-worthy new pages and, to do this manually would be impossible.

In addition, how do you get around 'duplicate content' which Google hates. Google will either not index or rank duplicate content. Fortunately, there is an exception, and that is embedded YouTube videos as Google owns Youtube and earns money from ads shown on those videos.

Creating Long Tail Harvest Sites requires automation.

  1. To find the long tail search phrases used in your market.
  2. To create website pages for each long tail search term.
  3. To eliminate those pages that do not produce traffic as they reduce the ranking of the site overall.
  4. To convert traffic into your buyers.

The Process

  1. We use specially developed software to find and list the long tail phrases. This list frequently consists of tens of thousands of phrases.
  2. We then find and construct a Ranker Mini-Site, but do not link this to your main or money site.
  3. Using a proprietary plugin we generate the long tail search pages at the rate of about 100 per day (more would overwhelm Google). These pages will be indexed and ranked by Google within a very short period, usually less than two weeks. Note: not all long tail pages will be indexed by Google and some of those indexed pages will not generate traffic.
  4. These long tail pages look pretty awful and, without modification, will not convert your traffic to buyers on your main site, so we use page overlay techniques i.e. these are similar to the familiar pop up ad but cover the whole long tail web page instantly and entirely. This overlay can be just like a pop-up or can actually be one of your main sites' web pages.
  5. As mentioned some long tail pages do not generate any traffic, so we need a method of monitoring the traffic generated by each page and deleting those pages that have no traffic. Using proprietary software we monitor on a regular basis.

Why Isn't Everybody Buying and Using Ranker Mini Site?

There are three main reasons.

  • It can take hours to find a suitable site. Of course, there are many people out there who can find them for you, if you pay.
  • It can take a long time to find the information necessary to rebuild the site to its original glory. Usually, it involves hours of searching the Way Back Machine.
  • Without automated software, it would be impossible to list all relevant long tail search phrases, build a unique page for each search term and finally monitor, on a regular basis which pages are indexed and generating traffic.

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The Solution.

We have access to the best software available for finding, rebuilding Ranker Mini Sites and expanding to Long Tail Harvest Sites.

So, in a few of steps.

  1. We have a list of over 20,000 potential mini sites, categorized into markets, and growing daily. All domains have a MOZ Authority greater than 10 all the way up to 60+ and therefore have authority and ranking power. Using this list we can find sites that are related to your money site's niche or market.
  2. We manually check the site, the links going to the site, and the site's history to ensure it is clean and free from spam and hacking.
  3. We re-register the domain in your name.
  4. We gather the site's original content and rebuild it.
  5. We add the Long Tail Harvest Site plugin and start generating pages
  6. We regularly check the generated pages to ensure they are harvesting traffic. Those pages not producing traffic are deleted.

Our Long Tail Harvest Site Services.

We can deliver the Long Tail Harvest Sites (LTHS) in two ways to suit you.

  1. Your LTHS built and hosted by us with up to 2,000 pages (before removing pages with no traffic). This is the  LTHS/Hosted plan.
  2. Your LTHS built, hosted by us and where we add more pages to your site at the rate of 2,000 per month (before removing pages with no traffic), we continue this until the list of long tail search terms is exhausted. LTHS/Premium plan.

What We Need From You
Your main or money site URL.


No Of Sites LTHS/Hosted LTHS/Premium
1 site $197 + $10/m $197 + $97/m
3 Sites $497 + $28/m $497 + $237/m


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