Lead Generation Specialist

Hire a lead generation specialist, by the hour, expert in compiling lists of customers, LinkedIn connecting, advanced email generation tactics.

Service Description

lead generation service


Hire a Lead Generation Specialist by the hour who is expert in the following fields:

  • Exec Level Email Addresses
    Hire a lead generation freelancer to find executive level emails for your top leads.
  • Compile Lists of Industry Leads
    Hire a lead generation freelancer to compile lists of leads based off certain industry criteria that you provide.
  • Cold Call Potential Customers
    Have a lead generation specialist make phone calls to top leads that you’ve had them research.
  • Answer Responses from Leads
    Have a lead gen specialist monitor responses from leads and follow up with custom responses.
  • Set Up Mailmerges
    Hire a lead generation freelancer to configure mail merges through your email provider to send sales pitches to leads.
  • Advanced LinkedIn Lead Generation
    Hire a lead generation freelancer to specialize in getting you more customers/leads through LinkedIn strategies.


$5 to $40 per Hour



Service Reference: Lead Gen Hour

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