Super Link Structure Campaigns

Super Link Structure (SLS) campaigns, if done correctly, SLSs can get your site on the first page of Google for those revenue boosting search terms that have, so far, been beyond your reach.

Service Description

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Every link building campaign has some sort of link structure. However with SEO as practiced over the last few years the structures used have been low quality in terms of power and/or safety. Normal practice has been and still is, to use either a lot of low-quality links (that do not stick) or a private blog network (PBN) or a mixture of the two. PBNs, used alone or extensively, in a linking campaign are liable to discovery (and discounting) either by Google or by a competitor who, in turn, reports the network to Google.

Here we are looking at building powerful super link structures (SLSs) that will rank your websites, but they will also keep your website safe. Keeping your money site safe is as important as getting it to rank.

Why Super Link Structures?

Each year Google tightens its algorithm further clamping down on artificial link building practices and therefore the need for safe link building is becoming increasingly important. The problem with conventional white hat link building is that the effort is huge and the reward small. That is why we look for safe, powerful linking strategies.

Backlinking to your website is considered unsafe when Google or your competitor is able to identify that you've been carrying out unnatural link building practices. If Google discovers that you have been artificially building links to your site in order to get it to rank you may get a manual penalty, which can wipe your site's ranking out for months until you fix the problem and even then it can be hard to get your site's ranking back to the way they used to be.

link structure 31

With regard to linking safety, it is important to realize that we need to become random and unpredictable with a mixture of backlink structures (we have 38, see them here) or else your link formations become predictable (and detectable). And if your linking strategy is predictable it is no longer natural, because natural linking in the real world has no detectable structure. So, a real site in the real world is completely random in relation to what is linking to what.

You don't need a huge number of backlinks to rank. You just need a few supercharged, high authority, same niche links to your site where your anchor text looks really natural.

Prior to implementing these link structures, you need to ensure that your foundations both on-site and off-site are optimized. It is wasting your time and money to add super link structures to your money site if it is suffering from some sort of Google penalty, which is why we recommend completing an On And Off-Site Optimization and Penalty Review prior to commencing your SLS campaigns.

Super Link Structures. Why So Many?

We have multiple link structures that we can use for your website. You will never need so many,  so why are we offering them?

We have different SLSs for varying levels of organic keyword competition. We have broken down the competition levels into six categories. See the image below.

super link structure competition

Generally simpler SLSs are used where the organic competition is low and more complex structures for higher competition niches.

You can have multiple SLSs going to one money site, either all going to the home page or to varying pages on the site but no two SLSs can be the same in order to avoid a footprint detectable by Google. We can assess organic competition levels for you but as it is not an exact science we are not able to guarantee that your site will end up on the first page of Google after the addition of SLS, more or less may be needed.

Each SLS has a different cost as it is composed of different elements.

The average cost of an SLS is $530

How Many Link Structures Will I Need?

  • For a low competition site or page 5 link structures. Approximate cost $2655.
  • For a medium to high competition page or site 10 to 15 link structures Approximate cost $5,300 to $7950.
  • For a high to very high competition page or site 30 to 45 link structures. Approximate cost $15,900 to $23,850.

Note: If you have a site and you are trying to rank four very high competition pages the above recommendations do not mean that you will need 4 X 45 i.e. 180 link structures. You will still need between 30 and 45 link structures.

SLS Costs.

SLS No SLS Cost $ SLS No SLS Cost $ SLS No SLS Cost $
1 97 14 647 27 597
2 337 15 737 28 597
3 197 16 857 29 597
4 447 17 297 30 847
5 297 18 277 31 847
6 547 19 277 32 827
7 407 20 397 33** 1264
8 657 21 627 34** 1264
9 707 22 647 35** 1284
10 407 23 4477 36** 1254
11 297 24 697 37** 1434
12 537 25 697 38** 1294
13 407 26 697

** These consist of two SLSs combined.