On And Off-Site Optimization and Penalty Review

Are you asking yourself any of these questions?

  • Are you Just Starting Out and Wondering if Your Site is Set up Right?
  • Are You Already Doing Everything and Still Your Site Just Won’t Move Up?
  • Stuck on page 6, 8, or even lower and no sign of a change?
  • Working, hours, days, weeks and wondering why nothing is happening?
  • Are You Getting Ready To Start Backlinking And Just Not Sure You’ve Got It Right?

Chances are your site is sick…

Service Description

We have looked at dozens and dozens of our customers' websites and well over 95% of our clients' websites would NEVER, EVER Have Ranked...

Why? Because they had either terrible on-site optimization or were under a Google penalty. And the website owner didn’t even know! Don’t get caught in the trap of doing hours, days, weeks or months of work – completely wasted!

on and off site seo optimization

Imagine two futures –

One possible future is dark – you’ve poured your heart and soul into anchor text campaigns, Web 2 blogs, Minisites and Sniper campaigns. Weeks and months of effort, hundreds of dollars spent before finally you realize it was all in vain because your site isn’t optimized.

The alternative future is bright – because if you get your on-page optimisation right, it’s like your site is sucking Google in. Everything you do with backlinks will have a massively greater effect. You basically multiply the power of your backlinking many times over with a healthy, well-optimized site. If you want to make sure you have the bright future, not the dark one, here’s the service you need.


Complete On-Site and Google Penalty Review

This is a first class service carried out by an experienced team of SEO experts. We will give you a complete, personalized, private pdf report covering the following:

  • On-Page Google-Sucking Optimisation!
  • Check to ensure the page/ site indexed in Google
  • Assess header optimization (meta title)
  • Assess H tag optimization & relevance
  • Assess body text for key phrase relevance and optimization
  • Assess LSI keyword/phrase density
  • Check that alt tags on the images are set and relevant to keyphrase
  • Assess the speed of your site
  • Full On Page Analysis Report Providing Guidance and Essential Remedial Work Recommendations

Off-Page Penalty Health-Check!

  • Check the quality of incoming links to the site
  • Anchor text distribution and correct balance - short-term
  • Anchor text distribution and correct balance - long-term
  • Full Off Page Analysis Report Providing Guidance and Essential Remedial Work Recommendations

Penalty Health-Check!

  • Basic evaluation whether the site/page is in any Google algorithmic penalty for the key phrase/s
  • Determine which penalty is in place and the reason why it is in place (if possible)
  • Full Penalty Analysis PDF Report Providing RED Or GREEN Light Status And Providing Essential Remedial Work Recommendations
  • We'll put all this analysis together into an actionable report that you can use to ensure YOUR site sky-rockets in response to the Sniper campaigns, minisites, or PBN links you set.

Don't risk all your efforts for nothing, if you haven't got the first step right you will be! Order our expert review of your site!


  • The URL of your website.
  • A summary of previous SEO work you have done or have had done for you.


$297 One Time Payment



Service Reference: On Off Site Review

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seo team

SEO Team

Small print: There are no refunds once the work is done. Once our time has been spent doing the work, it cannot be reclaimed! We will do the best possible analysis we can do in practical terms. Site and penalty analysis is, however, a matter of judgment and it is possible that errors may be made. We undertake to do the analysis to the very best of our ability and provide you with a full, actionable report that you can use.
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