Project Manager

Hire a reliable remote manager to run the operations of our online business and remote workforce.

Service Description

project management


What you can expect your project manager to be capable of:

  • Meetings with Remote Teams
    Hire a project manager to hold weekly meetings with your remote workers so that you can stay focused on growth of your business.
  • Recruiting and Hiring New Workers
    Hire a project manager to run building out your team of remote workers. Have them provide updates so you are still in the loop and can help with big decisions.
  • Motivate And Organize Teams
    A growing business requires daily management and leadership. If you don’t have the time, hire a project manager to run the show for you.
  • Get Regular Updates on Team Performance
    Hire a project manager to record stats from all of your teams providing you with a big picture of your company each week.


$15 to $45 per Hour



Service Reference: Project M

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