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With Three Networks You Have Access to Nearly

SIX HUNDRED High Authority, Niche Specific Minisites for Backlinking!


That is Crazy Powerful Ranking Authority!

Quite simply, you cannot buy this quality of Minisite/PBN post anywhere else. Have a look yourself by searching on the Internet....

The fact is that other people who are selling these type of posts are doing so in an old-fashioned, multiple-niche, plain vanilla blog networks. Those don't work anymore - at least, they are not effective. More and more, your backlinks need to be RELEVANT. That means, they need to be embedded in relevant content, on a niche-relevant site.

And used to give power to an authority, trustworthy, relevant link structure and not linked directly to your main money site!

Our Ranker Mini Site Networks Gives Your Link Structure Ranking Power!

And yet compare our prices, from $12.60 per post, with prices you'll find for these low-quality PBN links elsewhere - their prices are around $60 per post. Charging their prices, you would be looking at $608 per campaign - and their links are low quality.

Our posts are high quality, niche specific posts. From just $189 per campaign.

We Constantly Monitor Load on our Networks and May Have To Close These Offers at Any Time. In Which Case You Can Reserve Your Network Access For When We Re-Open.


Each PowerRanker Campaign Credit Gives YOU...

  • 15 Posts, Indexed On The Home Page, In Our Niche Specific Minisite Networks (Amazing Power!)
  • Promote up to Three of Your Web Properties in Each Post, Including:
    • A Website (Yours, Your Clients, Whatever You Want!)
    • A Youtube Video (Embed Your Own Video - Equivalent to Linking to It)
    • An Amazon Product Page or Kindle Page
  • Promote Different Pages/Videos within the 15 Posts - Complete Flexibility! You Decide!
  • Super Charge your Link Structures with Unbelievable Power, Relevance & Authority - Essential for ranking in 2017!
  • Complete Flexibility in Anchor Text in Each Post!

Why Would You Ever Build Your Own Minisites, When You Can Use Ours at a Fraction of the Cost of Building Your Own!

1 Campaign (15 posts) $247 One Off Payment

3 Campaigns (45 posts) $697 One Off Payment

6 Campaign (90 posts) $1137 One Off Payment


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Due to the nature of this service no refunds are available on Ranker Minisite Network purchases.

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