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Ranker Mini Sites can boost your website ranking in a very short time (70% of users experience a 40% improvement in the first month). Combined with a proper Back Link Plan you can get your site first page ranking for multiple money search terms.

Service Description

ranker mini sites

What are Ranker Mini Sites (RMS)?

Every day thousands of websites cease to exist because their owners, for any number of reasons, are no longer interested in keeping their sites alive. Some of these sites will have been in existence for many years and their owners will have devoted time and money to developing the site and getting it to rank in the search engines.

The thing is, although these sites no longer exist in Google search results, if properly resurrected they will still have their previous power to rank high in the search engines.

Resurrected mini sites are valuable to you if:

  • They are related to your own website's niche or topic.
  • The links going to the mini-sites are clean, i.e. they do not include links from too many trashy, spammy sites involved in porn, online medications etc.
  • The site has not been hacked.
  • They have good metrics.

Once you have found a suitable RMS it is possible to re-register the domain and rebuild the original site with all or most of its original content and images, so that the RMS looks like the original site in most respects. Put your link on the RMS and you have boosted your money sites search engine ranking power.

RMSs, if you can find one, are great for SEO linking to your money site. As part of a backlinking plan, you can rank your money site on the first page of Google and other search engines for the search terms you want.

Getting an RMS is just like buying the mini-site from its original owner but much cheaper, which as far as Google is concerned is O.K.

Why Isn't Everybody Buying and Using Ranker Mini Site?

There are two main reasons.

  1. It can take hours to find a suitable site. Of course, there are many people out there who can find them for you, if you pay.
  2.  It can take a long time to find the information necessary to rebuild the site to its original glory. Usually, it involves hours of searching the Way Back Machine. Because of this most of our competing services do not rebuild a site, instead, they create content (of varying quality) and put it on the site. Cheaper services also structure all the sites they put together in the same way, leaving a trail for Google to find.a

The Solution.

We have access to the best software available for finding and rebuilding Ranker Mini Sites. This software is not available, at this time, to the general public.

So, in a few of steps, we have the solution.

  1.  We have a list of over 20,000 potential mini sites, categorized into markets, and growing daily. All domains have a MOZ Authority greater than 10 all the way up to 60+. Using this list we can find sites that are related to your money site's niche or market. All these sites have good or excellent domain authority.
  2. We manually check the site, the links going to the site, and the site's history to ensure it is clean and free from spam and hacking.
  3. We re-register the domain in your name.
  4. We gather the site's original content and zip it in a file ready for rebuilding the RMS.

Our RMS Services.

We can deliver the rebuilt RMS in several ways to suit you.

  1. As a zip file. You can then build the site using your own hosting service. This service is denoted RMS/zip.
  2. Using your hosting we can build your new RMS, so that it is a completed entity already built for you to use. - Denoted RMS/built.
  3. Your RMS built and hosted by us for you. RMS/Hosted.
  4. Your RMS built and hosted by us where we add content to your site on a regular basis. RMS/Premium.

Pricing in $

RMS/Zip RMS/Built RMS/Hosted RMS/Premium
1 site 47 87 97 + 10/m 97 + 17/m
3 sites 137 247 275 + 28/m 275 + 37/m
5 sites 217 387 430 + 42/m 430 + 47/m
10 sites 377 697 510 + 80/m 510 + 87/m

In options 3 or 4 you can choose to have your site rebuilt using our Dynamik Workpress frame, which is faster and more secure than standard WordPress.

RMS/Hosted and RMS/Premium Benefits

  • UpTime Monitoring! Don't let your RMS idle - we monitor up-time and fix the problem when it goes down
  • Premium Hosting - not $1/month hosts!
  • Free Domain Re-registration - We won't let your domain expire which often happens with self-managed PBN's.
  • Administrator Access to Site - You will have full admin access to the backend of your site!


Fresh Content - 1 new article is added to each RMS every 5 months. So for the 5 RMS/Premium plan a new article is added every month and each site gets a new article every 5 months.

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