Virtual Assistants

Hire a virtual assistant by the hour to carry out those routine tasks that soak up your time and prevent you developing your core business to the next level. Scheduling, organizing, email correspondence, outreach, taking notes and more.


Service Description

your virtual assistant


What you can expect from your virtual assistant (as a minimum):

  • Schedule Meetings
    Hire a virtual assistant to help manage your busy schedule. Let them handle emails pertaining to new meetings to make sure your schedule is never overbooked.
  • Perform Fast Tasks
    Hire a virtual assistant for a couple hours each day to handle quick, repetitive tasks that are on your plate. As they are on, pass off quick tasks that pop onto your plate.
  • Answer Specific Emails
    A virtual assistant can help to keep your less important emails cleared. Hire a VA for specific types of emails so you stay focused on what is most important in your email.
  • Organize Systems and Processes
    Hire a virtual assistant to organize systems and processes for your teams so that you can stay focused on growth. Give clear directions and follow up for updates on progress.
  • Keep Your Work Day Organized and On Track
    Get a virtual assistant to help keep your life as a business owner organized. They can remind you of meetings, inform you of important emails, and keep you updated on the overall growth of the company.
  • Take Meeting Notes and Send Out
    Hire a virtual assistant to attend important weekly meetings, take notes, and then send out action steps to your team so you ensure growth continues from the meetings.
  • Sales Assistance -¬†Hire a virtual sales assistant to handle basic level tasks for your sales manager so they can stay focused on larger leads.


$5 to $15 per Hour



Service Reference: Virtual Assistant

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