Why Use Us?

There are a number of advantages, as outlined below, to using this type of platform compared to hiring employees or using a conventional marketing agency. NetMarketing.Store is able to offer competitive pricing, flexibility, and scalability with a guaranteed service.

We rarely go in for limited time offers or other methods that pressure you to make a purchase.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, or need help in any way, please send us an email via our contact page and we will do our best to help you.

Employee Digital Agency NetMarketing.Store
Talent Difficult to find your own high quality talent with specialist skills. SEO Agencies have a few marketers in-house, or a few marketers they outsource to, which is a limited talent pool. NetMarketing.Store (NMS) utilizes a global network of marketers that are intelligently matched to your business based on skill, relevance, and track record.
Tactics Your tactics are limited by the experience of you and your team. Their tactics are limited to a few people’s ideas in their limited areas of expertise. Tactics are virtually unlimited since we have a massive network of experts in every area of digital marketing.
Results You don’t know if the person you hired can actually deliver results you need. Agencies are usually strong in a couple of areas. If your needs don’t fit within their abilities then results will suffer. NMS along with Growth Geeks is strong in every area of digital marketing because of their unique infrastructure, ensuring best results.
Scalability Not scalable unless you plan on employing and managing an entire digital marketing department. Agencies have limited resources to scale the efforts that are working. NMS is a distributed marketing network that can scale more or less instantly.
Costs High employee costs for insurance, taxes, vacation days, etc. Much of an agency's costs goes toward their overhead and only some of it goes toward the talent. Your budget goes directly to the talent that is implementing your growth plan with no overheads.
Contracts Very difficult to fire someone after they are in place. Agencies typically have a 3-6 month minimum contract. You can stop using NMS at anytime for any reason. No Contracts.
Bundling You can’t just pay for the efforts that are working with your employees. It’s an inflexible package deal. Agencies usually charge an overall project fee and obscure the price of individual tactics (so you don’t know how much is going to overhead). NMS presents each tactic as a separate expense. You know exactly what you’re paying for, and nothing is bundled together.


How Are Hourly Workers Vetted?

FreeeUp receives hundreds of freelancer applications every week from people interested in joining the network. There is a 4 step interview process that all applicants are put through before they are allowed to enter the network vetting their skills, attitude, and experience.

  1. Initial application: Resume, cover letter, typing test, Internet speed test, etc.
  2. Interview #1: Conversation vetting English, skills, experience, and attitude.
  3. Interview #2: Higher level vetting of the freelancer's skills and experience.
  4. Marketplace Guidelines: Communication guidelines that all workers must memorize and prove they understand.

The workers in the network represent the top 1% of all applications that are received. FreeeUp and its hourly paid workers are dedicated to providing you with the most reliable and talented freelancers on the Internet.